LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® fosters effective team-building, enabling an increased sense of involvement and ownership of the issues and decisions taken by the participants and thus facilitates more effective implementation of these decisions.

A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop has proven results in the following changes:

  • Shared perspectives: Getting various substantially different answers to one only question
  • Common language: Use the same words for the same things
  • Personal interests: Share personal agenda
  • Transparency and respect: People will speak up without having or inspiring fear
  • Inclusion: Everybody needs to speak, listen and commit
  • Efficiency: Stakeholders will use the time efficiently
  • Uncertainty: Solutions will be found that are not obvious
  • Curiosity: Team members wish to explore new ways and new approaches
  • Complexity: A complex environment will be faced in a constructive way
  • Equality: No dominating team member, no dominated team member
  • Involvement: Everybody will be involved and heard
  • Speed: Sharing expectations of team members about speed and time allotment
  • Personification: Discussing the message instead of “killing the messenger”
  • Commitment: Fostering initiative and commitment must at all levels
  • Common grounds: Creation of a common understanding, the same wording, and the understanding of personal needs and expectations

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